The Dry Hands Minnow Bucket ® is the world's ONLY minnow dispensing bucket. This (patented) bucket delivers one minnow at a time right into the palm of your hand or in to the optional Minnow Hooker seen in the bottom right corner of this image here.

Using the optional Minnow Hooker means that you will never have to hold or even touch the minnow with your hands to hook it!

The minnow that dispenses out of your bucket and into your hand will only output a couple of drops of water so NO MORE SLIMY HANDS.

Not your ordinary live bait bucket!

The quick and easy way to store and dispense your LIVE SHRIMP bait. This bucket will keep your shrimp alive longer because they are in oxygen rich and cool water for maximum bait life.

Watch this demo video:



You never touch the Minnow!

The Minnow Hooker™ - There has never been a product like this ever! The Minnow Hooker™ is for hooking live minnows without ever touching a minnow.


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