Dry Hands minnow Bucket

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only dispensing minnow bait bucket
in the world!

Dry hands minnow bucket is the world's only patented dispensing minnow bait bucket...delivers ONE minnow at a time into the palm of your hand.

Only minute droplets of water travel with the minnow into the palm of your hand.

Patented in the United States and Canada... 100% American Made.

This superior quality item includes Free D-battery operated bubble stone aerator that provides essential oxygen for extended bait life. (batteries not included)

Inch think, tough, polypropylene insulated wrap sides and bottom...helps stabilize water temperature summer and winter.

Designed to dispense hundreds of minnow species from one and one half inches long or longer. Idea operating water level is 5.5 quarts. Super stable, extremely hard to tip.