Begins November 1st!

Minnow bucket contest


Free DryHands Minnow Bucket® contest / raffle ($49.95 value!)


Win our world-famous minnow bait bucket and impress your friends. This minnow bucket is like NO other bucket in the world. We hold the patent to one of the smartest and most inbait storage containers anywhere.


With the DryHands Minnow Bucket® you can easily DISPENSE a single minnow right into the palm of your hand.


The aerator (included free of charge) keeps the minnows in your bucket oxygenated and the tightly sealed, thick insulation maintains a better temprature so your bait will last much longer.

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There will be 2 different giveaways.


  1. First week will be a raffle giveaway - We will randomly select one of our newsletter subscribers to win.
  2. Second week's giveaway is a contest - Post your funniest joke/story, photo or video on our Facebook page ( and our staff will pick the top 10 to be included in each week's draw.




  1. Only people subscribed to our newsletter can participate.
  2. The newsletter subscriber that is selected will have up to 2 weeks to claim their bucket. If for some reason a bucket is not claimed within those 2 weeks it will go back into the giveaway pool.
  3. We can only ship within the United States.
  4. The contest might change from time to time. For example, we might have weeks where we ask you to show us your best catch or perhaps a week where we want you to show us your gear.
  5. If you are selected as the winner you must contact us to let us know where you want it shipped.


We will be announcing the winners every 2 weeks on our newsletter and our Facebook page so make sure to check in now and again to see if you've won!

See what others are saying about the Dry Hands Minnow Bucket

“I own one of these and it is awesome. No regrets here. I show it off every chance I get.
It is the Cadillac of minnow buckets.

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The #1 bait bucket in the world.

The Dry Hands Minnow Bucket® is the world's ONLY dispensing bait bucket. Our pattened design is one of a kind and fisherman across the United States are taking notice!

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