QUESTION: What are the dimensions, water capacity, and weight of the bucket ?
ANSWER: 12 inches in diameter...12 inches tall.
It's low profile and wide base makes it nearly impossible for the bucket to tip over.
10 quart capacity when the egg shaped transport plug provided with the bucket is in the exit chute hole between lid and bucket. This will help prevent water splashing out the exit chute when transporting. If plug is not used 7.5 quarts is the norm. Bucket weighs 3 lbs. 14 ounces .
QUESTION: How do you remove the main blue lid to clean the lifting strainer and walls of the bucket ?
ANSWER: Simple....set the bucket in your lap with the spout to your right and reach over the aerator grasping the lid and pull upward and towards you at the same time. The lid will pop loose on that side. Then slide the lid up and off the black strainer lifting rod. To reinstall just reverse the process listening for a distinctive snap when the lid is guided down into the bucket.
If you don't hear it snap, the lid is not all the way down and will not function properly.
QUESTION: How thick is the chemical and water resident polyurethane foam insulation wrap on the bucket ?
ANSWER: Three quarters of an inch sides and bottom.
QUESTION: What size battery does the aerator take and how long will the batteries last under continuous operation.
ANSWER: The aerator runs off  two D-size batteries. It will operate off just one, but the continues running time will be shorter. Average continues running time on two batteries is twelve hours , sometimes more depending on the outside temperature and quality of the batteries. Field test show cheap batteries run about eight to ten hours.
QUESTION: Will the bucket still dispense in freezing conditions ?
ANSWER: If the water temperature in the bucket gets near the freezing stage and ice crystals begin to form on the surface and side walls, the lifting strainer may not be able to bring the bait towards the surface to dispense the bait out the dispensing chute. The bucket is perfectly functional when ice fishing from within ice fishing huts and houses where the interior is keep slightly above freezing.
R & D is working on a battery operated heater for the bucket that would maintain the water temperature at forty three degrees. This would allow the ice fisherman to use the bucket out on the ice with no issues of freezing and would prevent death of the bait from water temperature shock when placed in near freezing water temperature just under the ice.
QUESTION: If I want to purchase more than one is there a discounted price ?
ANSWER: Certainly...the company offers bundles of two, three, box of eight or pallet quantities.
To get a quote you must contact them direct @ 765-396-9545
If you have other questions please feel free to contact us direct @ 765-396-9545  8 am till 5 pm EST

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